What is MLM4U?
MLM4U is Free Online classifieds portal where users post their classifieds & complaints
Is MLM4U is Free?
Yes, MLM4U is 100% free to you
Do I have to register to use MLM4U?
Yes. To post free classifieds or complaints need to register with us. You can browse the site and visit the items without registration. Registration at MLM4U is FREE and the process is very simple.
What I can do at mlm4u.net portal?
You can post Free Classifieds, can publish genuine complaints of your issues (or) problems of your company / purchase where others can know the truth and it helps to choose right product/company. Also, you can visit publisher website where you get rewarded for all these and you can redeem these reward points in our reward store.
Why you are rewarding members?
We are rewarding our members for various aspects as our system facilitating advertisers to show the ads and they are displaying websites / ads on our portal & we are sharing the revenue with visitors.
How I will be rewarded?
You will rewarded for each & every activity you perform in mlm4u.net portal. You will be rewarded for Ad Posting, Complaint posting, Daily login and if you like our services, do refer our website to your friends & relatives and they become the members of mlm4u.net in your team, and will get reward points.
Is it multilevel marketing?
No. It is not multilevel marketing concept. You need to refer the site to more & more people to get more & more reward points, but since there is no condition for paying any kind of charges and also there is no buying & selling mandatory terms of any product, you do not have any obligation on your part which makes it different from multilevel marketing. Our portal is only dedicated to MLM Industry for informative purpose which helps to promote your company / brand.
How many persons can I refer under my group?
There is no limit & there is no condition for referring others. If you refer other you will get rewarded more points.
Is there any compulsion of making minimum number of referrers?
No. We are not compelling anyone for making minimum number of members, however to get more reward points it is in the interest of a member to make his team as big as possible.
Is there any deduction on reward points earned?
No. No deduction applicable on your earned reward points.
How much I can earn through your portal?
It depends on the size of your team, and it depends on your activities doing in our portal like posting ads / posting complaints / viewing publisher’s websites etc.
Where I can claim my reward points?
There is link named with “Reward Store”. Just click on the link and you can check all rewards placed in our Reward Store. You need to score required reward points to redeem your selected reward product. Also, members need to bear required shipping & handling charges from their end.
Can I make income from your site?
Yes. You can earn income through our Ad Booking Referral system. As a registered member of mlm4u.net, you can book advertisements from publishers and you can earn ad booking income. We will pay these Ad Booking incentives via NEFT/Cheque subject to minimum of Rs. 300/-.
What is the advantage for me if I refer any one (or) by posting ads/complaints?
You will get reward points for every successful referral / every classified posting / complaint posting / viewing websites and also you will get rewarded for daily login. And these reward points you can redeem in our reward store. Sometime publishers may offer cash incentives too for viewing advertisements. These cash incentives you can claim subject to minimum of Rs. 300/- which we pay through Cheque/NEFT.
Where I can see my earnings / reward points stats?
You can check the day wise stats in your Virtual Account at member’s area. There is two pages in Virtual account. On the first page (Incentive Wallet) you can check your cash earnings & in second page (Reward Wallet) you can check the summary of reward points earned through various performances’ made by you. Also, you can check the rewards claim status etc.
If I forgot to redeem reward points, will it be lapsed?
No. The reward points are valid for life time. It never expires. If you do not redeem your reward points it will be carried to next month as opening balance. You can accumulate the reward points as long as you wish & you can redeem the same as & when you want.
How can I refer this portal to more & more people?
It’s too easy. We made our system is very user friendly. Your mobile number is your login id. With different kind of user names / customer ids, members might to maintain or memorize all these. When compare to customer id & mobile number which we using-it’s not necessary to memorize. Everyone can easily remember their mobile number. Now, coming to your referral link. Its much simpler. Just type our portal address then type / and your mobile number (www.mlm4u.net/mobile). Anyone can join in your team in very simple way.
What is the use of “Tell a Friend” option?
You can send a invitation request to your friends to join this unique program by clicking the send button. You can send upto 5 request at a time.
Can I include personal contact information in my postings?
Yes. You can include personal contact information in your postings.
What kind of postings are forbidden / not allowed on MLM4U?
MLM4U prohibits the posting / listing of any items that are illegal, under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation at local, state, provincial, national or international law.
Is my personal information is safe with mlm4u.net?
Don’t worry. We strictly follow 100% safety measures to protect all our registered members data. We don’t sell / share our members data with one or in any manner. Instead we only send any kind of Information’s / updates through E-Mails (or) Message by our secured gateways.
I don’t want to receive any updates from you. So, what I have to do?
It’s so simple. Just send a request mail to support@mlm4u.net stating that you don’t wants to receive any kind of updates from us. Our automated system will remove your details within 24 working hours and we don’t send any E-Mails (or) Messages further.
Still I have a question. What I have to do?
Its much simple. Please send your query / inputs / feedback / suggestion or anything else to mlm4u.net@gmail.com and we assure you that, within 2-3 hours you will get the reply from concern department.